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Pouch Packing Machine

Lalita Projects Pvt. Ltd

Pouch Packing Machine

Lalita Projects offering a Pouch Packing Machine that is widely used in various industries for packing water in pouch.

Instead of forming bags from a roll of flat packaging material, this machine is loaded with bags that are already formed into their end shape (premade pouches). The bags are then fed into the machine where they are opened, filled with product, and sealed shut.

Pouch filling and sealing machines come in two main varieties: Rotary and inline. Rotary designed machines occupy much less floor space than inline models. This is because rotary pouch fill and seal machine components are laid out in a circular fashion instead of a straight horizontal line.

Fill and seal machines require very little technical skill to operate and the end product has a premium look. Pouch fill and seal machines also create virtually zero waste and are great for small batches as they can be changed over in mere minutes

Product Description
3000 pouch /hour (200 -250ml)
UV Light
Batch Coding
Motor drive
0.5 HP, 220 VAC
0.8 KW
Contact Parts
SS 304
Dimension (Feet) L X W X H
3 X 2.5 X 6
400kg Approx
Filling tank
40 Liter
Material of packing
PE film in Roll form (width of roll 225 MM, 255 MM, 325 MM )

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