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Dialysis RO Plant

Lalita Projects Pvt. Ltd

Dialysis RO Plant

Dialysis involves large amounts of water for dialysis solution preparation. The ‘dialysate’ is in nearly direct contact with the patient’s blood, separated only by a thin membrane. The purity of water is crucial in dialysis, since contamination with halides, aluminium, etc., can lead to morbidity and mortality.

Lalita Projects Private Limited offers special double RO plants that are used in dialysis unit based on advanced technology. Our plants help in removing 98-99% of the total mixed solids along with bacteria, organics and other particulates.

Product Description

Our Dialysis RO Plants are designed to treat any kind of water using the Reverse Osmosis Technology. The level of salt content present in water may vary from place to place and from source to source. Water derived from a bore well or brackish water certainly demands a higher level of purification. Our designs are flexible enough to be customized according to the requirements; ensuring top quality water treatment is delivered irrespective of the quality of feed water.

Our Dialysis RO Plant can be tailor made to purify feed water that is contaminated up to 5000 parts per million of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). We have successfully installed many such Dialysis RO Plants in various countries across the globe.

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