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About Us

Lalita Projects Pvt. Ltd

Lalita Projects Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Subhendu Khan, a well-known entrepreneur from West Bengal, India, founded Lalita Projects Private Limited (formerly Lalita Consultant) in Kolkata in 2001 to meet the growing demand for “Packaged Drinking Water” in India. The company aims to provide world-class products and services in the fields of water and wastewater, particularly packaged drinking water, which is growing at a rate of 40% per year in the Indian market.

In case of Packaged Drinking Water Projects, you need to have the Indian Standards Certificate as per IS:14543:2016 issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards, and the quality of your products should meet the standards as per IS: 14543:2016. We help you fulfil the eligibility criteria set by BIS so that you can easily get the Indian Standards License Certificate. We have a team of designers, as well as drawing & development experts, to help you with complete machinery and laboratory set up as per IS: 14543:2016. With certifications of chemists and microbiologists, we help you set up a state-of-the-art factory with a world-class library.

Our Mission

We at Lalita Projects Pvt. Ltd. are dedicated to ushering in a new era of water abundance by deploying cutting-edge solutions at a low cost.

Our Vision

We want to be the most preferred partner of quality-conscious enterprises in the globe when it comes to implementing water treatment solutions of any kind.

Our Services

  1. Plant layout consultancy and planning.
    2. 24X7 customer support by the Sales and Marketing Team.
    3. Selection, sales and service of equipment.
    4. Technical training of equipment usage and maintenance.
    5. Spares and accessories.

Our Strengths

  1. Vast experience of in-house Research and Manufacturing Team.
    2. Customization of any kind of water treatment projects.
    3. Complete portfolio of products and services.
    4. High-quality modern equipment with advanced technology.
    5. Cost-effective solutions that come with superior quality products.
    6. Streamlined processes.
    7. We not just sell products but also offer total package, which includes technical training, as well as sales and service support.