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Institutional UV Plant

Commercial ultraviolet disinfection systems are specifically designed to treat microbiologically contaminated ground or surface waters. These disinfection systems offer a 4-log reduction (99.99%) in bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts (specifically Guardia lamblia and cryptosporidium). This UV process is quick, simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly as it does not add anything to your water and creates no disinfection by-products. the most ecological way of treating your water.


Well water treatment, manufacturing plants, agriculture, private wells, camp grounds, hotels, bottlers, aquaculture, hospitals, food, restaurants, breweries, laboratories, marine, pharmaceutical, dairies and many other commercial applications. How Ultraviolet Disinfection System Works.

As water flows past the UV lamp(s) in a UV disinfection system, microorganisms are exposed to Ultraviolet light energy at a 253.7nm wave length. Ultraviolet light alters the DNA material in cells so that bacteria, viruses, molds, algae and other microorganisms can no longer reproduce. The microorganisms are considered dead, and the risk of disease from them is eliminated. These Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems are designed for commercial & industrial applications. The process of UV Disinfection is accomplished without adding any harmful chemicals to your drinking water and does not distort the water or effect its pH value. UV Disinfection has an effective kill rate of 99.99% of most living microorganisms such as bacteria & viruses.

Effective in killing off bacteria and viruses such as

  • Coliform Bacteria
  • Leptospira Interrogans (Infectious Jaundice)
  • Salmonella Typhosa (Typhoid Fever)
  • Bacteriophage (E. coli)
  • Hepatitis Virus
  • Chlorella Vulgaris
  • Influenza Virus
  • Legionella Pneumophila (Legionnaires’ Disease)

Note: If you well water has high iron, manganese, sulfur odor and or hard water you will need to provide proper pre-treatment before the water enters the UV system. Select from our iron water removal and other popular well water filters in our water filter directory @ well water systems.

Commercial/Industrial Ultraviolet UV well water filters, water purification, hotel/motel, apartment and condominium buildings, beverage, food processing, schools, restaurants, cafeterias, farms – dairy, cattle, chicken, swine, horse, and more.

  • Ozonation of water is accepted worldwide as the most efficient and natural friendly process to purify water.
  • Powerful 3000 times more powerful than chlorine.
  • Safe! Leaves no by-products, unlike chlorine which forms carcinogenic compounds (THMS) with organic compounds.
  • Predictable! More predictable than UV sterilization.

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